Cavalier Stables
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Our Services

  1. Lessons
    Private Lessons $45.00 per person/hour Group Lessons (2 people) $25.00 per person/hour Girl Scout/Boy Scout Badge Earning (3+ people) $30
  2. Horse Lease
    If competition isn't your style, I have a horse to lease for trail riding. Some people enjoy the companionship and comradery of the group barn facility. Meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, build a relationship with the horse and use it for perfect "mommy away time at the barn"
  3. Lease/Lesson for 4-H and WSCA
    this is the ideal situation. Have you thought about having your son or daughter obtain a horse for the 4-H show season but found it to be too expensive? I offer very reasonable prices to mentor your child (4-H age) through the season from basic horsemanship and preparation to be successful through State 4-H horse show and WSCA champ show